Welcome To APS Security Advanced Protection Services

APS Security provides highly trained, licensed security guards to protect your home or business. Our professional guards act as a visible deterrent to criminals while ensuring the safety of your property and people. We conduct site assessments to strategically position access control guards at entrances for private estates, gated communities, and high net-worth individuals. On patrols, guards check the perimeter, monitor activity, and respond to disturbances. For large properties, multiple guards provide extensive coverage across all grounds. APS guards greet and screen incoming visitors for small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and offices. They enforce company safety policies, patrol inside and out, and watch for shoplifting vandalism, or unauthorized access. Guards can escort employees to parking areas after closing.

All APS guards complete classroom education and hands-on training on access control, surveillance, emergency response, communication, and de-escalation tactics. We conduct exhaustive background checks and psychological evaluations to ensure our guards have sound judgment and professional integrity. With diligent oversight and experienced personnel, APS provides competent security to homes and businesses. Our professional, personable guards act as goodwill ambassadors while protecting what matters most. Contact APS Security today to discuss deploying our expertly trained guards.