Welcome To APS Security Advanced Protection Services

Construction sites contain valuable materials and equipment vulnerable to theft and vandalism. APS Security Services delivers proven protection for your construction project.

We conduct onsite evaluations to identify risks and entry points and locate guard posts. Based on this assessment, APS will customize a security plan to safeguard your property, supplies, tools, and vehicles. Onsite security guards restrict site access to only authorized workers verified through ID checks. During off-hours, we conduct regular foot and vehicle patrols of the entire perimeter to deter trespassers. Guards monitor supplies in storage areas and designated high-value zones. Surveillance cameras provide 24/7 monitoring and evidence if incidents occur. We establish security command centers for large multi-year projects with real-time feeds from all cameras and sensors. Rapid response units can quickly react to any intrusions or emergencies.

With over 30 years of experience securing job sites, APS Security has proven systems to prevent theft and vandalism, which could result in costly delays. Investing in robust security from the start protects your budget and timeline. Contact APS today to develop a customized security plan for your next construction project. Construction Site Security will secure large properties, small properties, and any size projects and ensure that intruders, vandals, and thieves do not enter your property at any time. Our Guards stay alert, aware, and awake! Call us today: (909) 829-2150.