Welcome To APS Security Advanced Protection Services

APS Security Services provides comprehensive security services for businesses of all sizes. Our highly trained security professionals utilize the latest technology and techniques to secure your premises, assets, and people. For commercial properties, we offer customized security guard services, access control systems, video surveillance, and more. Security guards deter crime while monitoring activity and responding to incidents: access control limits and tracks access to sensitive areas. Surveillance cameras provide 24/7 monitoring and evidence if needed.

We provide perimeter security, such as fencing and gates, for industrial facilities. We control access to restricted areas with card readers, biometrics, or manned guard stations. Security patrols monitor the grounds, and rapid response units can quickly react to breaches or emergencies. At APS Security, we conduct risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities. Our security plans are tailored to meet each client's needs and budget while delivering robust protection. APS has established relationships with both large corporations and small businesses.

We provide highly trained, licensed security guards to protect your business or commercial properties. Our guards are experts in access control, surveillance, patrols, and responding to incidents - providing a visible deterrent to criminals while ensuring the safety of your property and people. Our guards monitor activity, screen incoming visitors, and patrol the premises for commercial locations like office buildings, malls, and retail stores.

Contact APS Security today to discuss deploying our highly trained security guard force, and call us at (909) 829-2150.